1. Aste Nagusia eng

    Tasting menu Aste Nagusia 2014

    We would like to celebrate with you our first year Bilbao celebrations Aste Nagusia. We invite you to come to celebrate with us and enjoy our special Tasting Menu.

    Tasting menu Aste Nagusia 2014

    Smoked salmon slices with mix of lettuces and romesco sauce.

    Cannelloni of duck confít, crispy onion and apple bechamel.

    Loin cod with ali oli au gratin and vegetables.

    Iberian sirloin, red fruits and foie gras slices.

    Kokken dessert.


    Incl. wine

    Price € 27,5  per person.

  2. sorteo kokken

    Win a dinner

    We invite you to participate in a draw of dinner for 2 persons. In collaboration with Alma Botxera we are inviting you to try your luck and win the dinner for two in our restaurant.

    More information you will find on the fan page of Alma Botxera

    The conditions are very easy just give a”like” to our both fan pages, share the picture and comment us with whom you would like to share this dinner.

    The winners will be announced on Friday, 18th of July.

    Good luck!


  3. IMG_4664

    Tuna hamburger with black bread

    The weekend is almost here and it is time to take a break and taste something new like our TUNA HAMBURGER WITH BLACK BREAD. Highly suggested!

  4. salmorejo con medallon de rape


    Finally the summer is in Bilbao and to stay in tune with high temperature & good weather we have prepared a new menu which is full of fresh, juicy summer dishes. Check this delicious MONKFISH WITH SALMOREJO

  5. croquetas

    Spinach and blue cheese doughnut

    Do you remember Popeye and how he acquired his massive strength? All thanks to eating spinach!

    If you are fancy becoming as powerful as superman so you know what to do, just come along to taste our Spinach and blue cheese doughnut.

  6. carmen ruscadella y chef kokken

    Ready to cook with Carme?

    Carme Ruscalleda- catalan chef shares her recipes on the website of her restaurant Sant Pau:

    “We are living a great social time, the woman with strength and illusion starts cooking  at the professional kitchen and the man also with illusion and strength comes into the domestic kitchen.”

    Enjoy the recipes and cook with Carme!

  7. pulpo kokken

    The giant sea creature kraken at Kokken

    According to the Scandinavian mythology, the Kraken is a giant sea creature that attacks ships and is generally described as an octopus. Kraken were also extensively described by Erik Pontoppidan, bishop of Bergen, in his  “Natural History of Norway”.

    You are welcomed to enjoy this sea creature at Kokken, our OCTOPUS COOKED AT LOW TEMPERATURE.

  8. salmon

    The New Nordic Diet

    The Mediterranean diet has long been a darling of nutrition experts as a proven way to prevent some chronic diseases. But not long ago appeared the New Nordic diet  which can be competing with the Mediterranean diet perfectly well. The New Nordic Diet is based on Nordic ingredients, at the same time taking account of the health and well-being of the individual and environmental sustainability. The diet  consists of a wide variety of grains, berries, vegetables, fish, poultry, and game meats.

    And here goes the ten commandments of the New Nordic Diet:

    • More fruit, vegetables and berries
    • More wholegrain (especially flour, rye and barley)
    • More seafood (fish, shellfish and seaweed)
    • Less meat and better quality
    • More foods produced in the wild
    • Organic produce as often as possible
    • Avoid additives
    • Eat seasonal produce
    • Try and cook most meals at home
    • Limit waste
  9. plato de sepia1

    Sauteed cuttlefish with seaweed and teriyaki

    One of our new dishes- Sauteed cuttlefish with seaweed and teriyaki

  10. kokken & bitart

    Collaboration with Bitart

    We were recording together with Bitart New Media and looking forwards to see the results. Bitart is creating a new online platform for the restaurants, thanks to the platform you can see a short video about the place and its cuisine. Something different and we like it.